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Cobol Services

While new technologies are rapidly taking over the application landscape, COBOL and its role in millions upon millions of mission-critical transactions across all major industries can’t be denied.
Is COBOL still part of your enterprise?
  • Are you comfortable with your ability to support and sustain COBOL code?
  • Do you have years of application anthropology that still provide value to your business?
If these questions are hard for you to answer, and you have been asking them more and more as time progresses, then you may need to re-evaluate your support methodologies and examine how you can continue to leverage applications in a language that does not figure into the future as described by most all of the IT industry.
So what should you do with a language that still provides value, but has a diminishing human capital base?
Move to a Managed Services approach that solves several major issues for you:
  • Using a modern Maturity Model to apply COBOL professionals with vast experience in the field and professional ability to understand what your application flows are. Then formulate a solution to address your current state, then build a knowledge transfer plan to assist you to better manage your systems with a level of expertise, knowledge, and development capabilities.
  • Working in parallel with your application teams to implement changes (if needed), build business continuity into the business process (very important if you wish to be able to develop your own internal competency and not rely on external resources all the time).
  • Provide a sustainable support methodology that allows you to continue using Cobol effectively, and transfer application knowledge back to your teams.
  • Provide a potential platform for migration, as well as resource to maintain you current application effectiveness as you migrate from your current applications to more modern platforms if that is indicated as a need.
We can provide you with access to a dedicated team of senior specialists in the field with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in MF technology who have spent many years supporting mainframes in various industries. Our team is strategically located in the Ukraine which would give you the most optimal combination of price and quality for your projects.
Here are some interesting things to consider:
  • COBOL as a programing language is nearly 60 years old.
  • The average Cobol programmer is currently estimated to be 57 years old.
  • The average age of a Cobol program is estimated to be 45 years old.
  • It is estimated that nearly 5 billion line of COBOL code are executed every day.
  • COBOL’s death as a language has been predicted many times in spite of its continued service as a viable and useful language for business.
  • COBOL runs on almost every major platform today.
Engage us in a conversation and help us understand your needs, lets us explain our value, assess your applications and review the assessment results.
For initial contact requests are sent to Pavel Maraev by e-mail