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Friday, 28 September 2012 13:28

What to do when there are many problems and they all are important?

The logical answer is to focus on the main. And what is the main for business? It is guidance and information system Certainly, each of the active market participants already has its own information system, but experience shows that even a monopoly does not guarantee the success of the mission of the enterprise, therefore attention of managers naturally focused on such fundamental changes of their own information systems, which allow to achieve such level of business control and be able to take the lead, which is hard to imagine until you learn about the experience of successful companies in other countries. It is necessary to know, what can be done when small improvements of business processes are not enough to look confidently to the future, brought endlessly busy people from large industrial and commercial organizations of Slobozhanshchina to a roundtable. The Roundtable "Effective tools to enhance company competitiveness" was organized by the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The date of the event was September 25, 2012.

After the speeches by SAP and Soft-Rating Consult a lively discussion SAP technologies and their practical use started, indicating the real interest of participants to the subject, and this is good, because, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, published by analytical group of the World Economic Forum, Ukraine in terms of competitiveness rose to 73rd place from 82th. The profound changes in technology applying by CEOs are needed, such technology is provided by a recognized leader in IT business - SAP company

Play by play:
There in inartificial, but neat house, those who wants to help others to be successful, and those who need such assistance, met one another.

The Roundtable "Effective tools to enhance company competitiveness" was opened with brief speech by Mykola Holovko, Vice President of KCCI.

Participants of the Roundtable:

Speech by Dmitry Kotelva, Account Manager, SAP Ukraine.
"Opportunities of innovative business solutions usage for optimization and rise of profitability of your business. The best world practice to build business processes at enterprises. Experience of Ukraine".

Speech by Ruslan Brahynets, architect of business solutions, SAP Ukraine.
"Moving from accounting functions to business management" and "Implementation of industry specificity in SAP business solutions"

Speech by Vasyl Baranovskiy, SAP HR consultant, Soft-Rating Consult.
"Effective management of human resources is important!"

Speech by Andriy Kokovskiy, Senior SAP BI-BPS Consultant, Soft-Rating Consult.
"Rise in profitability of basic capital is the foundation of profitable business"

Speech by Vladimir Shulga, Senior SAP BI-BPS Consultant, Soft-Rating Consult
"Analytics is a key to the successful company management"

Roundtable participants’ questions answer: Vasyl Baranovsky, Vladimir Shulga, Dmitry Kotelva.

Finally, in all fairness, a man without energy and perseverance of which the event may never take place with such success (20 organizations and enterprises).

Olexander Vanidovskiy, representative of Soft-Rating Consult

Roundtable agenda (download)